HeyAuto is an automotive technology platform. The product is a three-fold build:

1. Retail Automotive Marketplace (2000+ dealerships)

2. Retail SAAS car ownership platform (Glovebox)

3. Dealer facing SAAS marketing and retention platform

Car ownership reimagined

The easiest, fastest way to shop for vehicles with confidence, and get the best deals.

HeyAuto is an automotive software product, providing modern solutions to the ever-evolving digital automotive space. Leveraging Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data, HeyAuto creates high-value results for the automotive industry.

What is the problem?
Car owners are rapidly adopting digital automotive solutions. leaving dealers in search of better ways to connect and stay competitive.
What is the solution?
A digital car ownership ecosystem which facilitates automotive vendor's insights, access and marketing opportunities at key stages of the consumer automotive journey.

The Full Service Cycle allows the customer to complete the entire customer journey without entering the dealership or driving the vehicle. All of the tools to create this experience are offered in an à la carte model, allowing dealerships to participate without building an internal custom solution.