You Can!
Vivid Theory is a studio specializing in exciting marketplace technology, two-sided SAAS, and PAAS products for commercialization and sale.

The Process

Using a proprietary Rapid Feasibility Model (RFM) to identify the “next-up product” VT prototypes, internally evaluates, and begins the product journey.

Current Products

Our go-to-market SAAS offering is (HeyAuto)

The PAAS products being engineered for scale and commercialization in the DGGS space are branded under (BigGeo)


HeyAuto is an automotive technology platform. The product is a three-fold build:

1. Retail Automotive Marketplace (2000+ dealerships)

2. Retail SAAS car ownership platform (Glovebox)

3. Dealer facing SAAS marketing and retention platform


The Platform as a Service (PAAS) products that are being incubated are related to the discrete global grid systems space.

This product and its offerings are the foundation of the company (Big Data + Geospatial Solutions).

Our Values

We are living and breathing our core values.


Trusted, true, honest, and reliable


New methods, ideas, products, and processes.


Say what we do.


Do what we say.

Our Team

Building not just great, but incredible teams, takes work and dedication understanding your people and what drives their passion.

Jordan McCarthy(CTO)
"Investing in individuals is what we do, we hire people who have the drive, and give them the tools they need to succeed."
Inspiring innovation, connecting talented people, and aligning investors to maximize success.
We’re constantly innovating, and we live and breathe our core values of integrity, innovation, accountability, and reliability. Our team is made up of people who work hard, play hard, and care about making a huge impact on the world.