A proprietary Rapid Feasibility Model (RFM) is used to identify the “next-up product”. Once a product passes through prototype and an internal evaluation, the product journey begins.

How do we make this possible?

It’s all possible by focusing on three large principles of the business.


Build incredible teams


Craft sophisticatedtechnologies for large markets


Provide repeatable returnsfor our stakeholders

Incredible Teams

Building not just great, but incredible teams, takes work and dedication to understand your people and what drives their passion.

The Vivid Theory vision for building teams is founded on ideas of:

• Great teams build great products.
• Diverse teams offer unique scalability and new opportunities.
• People deserve a place to call home.

What does this mean?

We mean that we put a “huge” amount of energy into culture, inclusion, and workplace enjoyment. Channeling our energy into the team fosters the growth of our expertise, and retaining this knowledge significantly accelerates the momentum of our studio.

We also strongly believe that people need a stable company environment to work in (a place to call home). The technology business is an ever evolving, build, scale, sell environment and too often that makes a team expendable; we aim to change that.

Our Technologies

Vivid Theory constructs in the most modern and sophisticated software systems available. Products are kept up to date increasing momentum.

Our go-to-market SAAS offering is (HeyAuto).

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The PAAS products being engineered for scale and commercialization in the DGGS space are branded under (BigGeo).

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Repeatable Process

We set out with a vision of creating a company that rewards our investors, channel partners, and employees while maintaining the excitement of a flexible business model.

How do we do this?

We achieve this through a sophisticated studio model that allows the studio to employ the staff and designate work force where it is most needed for the current opportunity. We build SAAS marketplace opportunities for scale and exit through a deep understanding of product, marketing, sales, and engineering. When this product, a separately held company by Vivid Theory Investors, is packaged and fully exited, the team works towards discovering a new exciting opportunity to be built for scale.

It is Vivid Theory’s strong belief that people should have a place to grow their skills and put down roots while working in an exciting fast-paced industry. We don’t sell teams, we build them.

Brent Lane
Chief Executive Officer

What benefit do employees have with product diversity?

Another one of core tenets is in the belief that too often when building sophisticated product there is an erosion of culture. Diverse opportunities allow employees to move within the organization to a different technology or product offering new chances for growth and excitement.

Why does this matter to our investors?

This matters because the Vivid Theory investors are being continuously rewarded through:
• Liquidity events on SAAS products.
• Unique first-right investment opportunities in up-next products.

Why does this matter to our channel partners?

Vivid Theory establishes deep channel partner relationships where new opportunities for mutual benefit are created. Most of the up-front legal and contractual work can be leveraged for the next opportunity increasing profitability.

Why does this matter to our employees?

Vivid Theory offers key employee options programs which extend into the product opportunities. This creates an atmosphere of employee ownership and loyalty to the company goals. This connected ownership model allows top performers to gain the financial reward of a startup founder while working within a larger more diverse organizations.